December 5, 2012

The Smear Campaign of the Narcissist

The Smear Campaign of the Narcissist is an attempt to  damage how others see the target of a narcissist's rage.
Narcissists do not want others to help their victim who is being mistreated by the narcissist. The narcissistic abuser hopes to be seen as the victim so that the victim may be seen as the abuser.
This manipulation is often obvious to those who pay attention to the personality traits of the narcissist. Characteristics include a lack of empathy, enjoyment of others' pain, a hatred for anyone experiencing happiness, an argumentative focus, hypocrisy,  entitlement, lack of guilt or conscience, inability to separate fact from fiction, paranoia, attempts to seem more important or special than anyone else, and constant use of lies and name calling to control others.

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