October 10, 2012

Bullies, Craig Dunwell and Diane Hoffman, continue witness intimidation tactics during the NJ VS Dunwell trial

On 9/27/12 controversial councilman, Craig Dunwell, trespassed on his neighbors' property to litter. Dunwell appeared and sounded drunk, and he attempted to touch his neighbor while Councilman Mike Savary watched.
A Pohatcong Township Police Officer arrived to question Dunwell, warning Craig Dunwell that the next time he trespasses and/or litters he will be arrested. Mike Savary angrily cussed at the officer.
On 9/28/12 a witness in the NJ VS Dunwell trial called the Clinton Township Municipal Court at #908-735-3730 to provide specific medical information about conditions preventing an appearance at court. The following information was given during the call and was written down by the witness and the court clerk who added the data to the NJ VS Dunwell file:
...unable to attend court due to back injuries causing inability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, unable to travel or drive currently.

The NJ VS Dunwell trial began on 10/3/12. On 10/5/12 Craig Dunwell's aunt, Diane R. Hoffman, tweeted harassing statements aimed at NJ VS Dunwell witnesses:
Diane R. Hoffman has a long history of using Twitter to threaten and harass Alpha residents and officials, her nephew's neighbors, Save Alpha supporters, and NJ VS Dunwell witnesses. Most of Hoffman's accounts have been closed for Terms of Service Abuse.

Diane R. Hoffman attacks anyone who exposes Craig Dunwell's unethical actions. In the above screen shot, Hoffman threatened and attacked the NJ VS Dunwell witness who was unable to attend Craig Dunwell's trial. Hoffman posted the witness's privileged information, which Craig Dunwell unethically shared with her.
 "She is disabled due to back injuries cant sit or stand for prolonged periods of time, cant drive, cant turn her neck" - Diane R. Hoffman

The tweet was deleted shortly after being posted. 
Hoffman spends most of her days and nights cyber-stalking and harassing those who Craig Dunwell dislikes.

On 10/8/12 Craig Dunwell was quoted yelling to his neighbor, Robert Ciesla, that once his final charge is heard he intends to begin "a counter attack" on his neighbors, the Crouse family, and their supporters.